Founder Catalyst is a continuously-running capability-building programme from the Ministry of Awesome with four cohorts per year. Each cohort is six months long, and to be accepted, a startup founder must apply, interview, and be invited to join. The criteria for a company to be considered for eventual participation is listed below:


  • Has a working minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Has an innovative, scalable solution and/or business model
  • Has early signs of market validation in at least one market
  • Has a founding team who possesses the technical or “hard” skills to tackle this particular problem
  • Preferably has at least two founding team members with at least one full-time


  • Has ambition to solve a globally relevant problem with a globally relevant solution
  • Has potential for solution to be scalable on a global stage
  • Has a draft plan of expanding into a second market


  • Has a founding team who will (a) be open to learning; (b) collaborate with their cohort, MoA, and the Startup Mentors; (c) hold themselves accountable to goals, metrics, and the programme schedule and requirements; (d) strive for world-class excellence
  • Is committed to working on the problem for the long-term
  • Has a founding team that will agree to MoA’s Code of Conduct


  • Preferably has not achieved more than NZ$500k in annual revenue
  • Preferably has not raised more than NZ$1M

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This is the opportunity to upskill yourself and level up your company, no matter where you are in your journey. Come join us.  

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